My name is Charles Titus.  I received my degree in Master of Arts in Teaching from Western Governors University in 2016.  I have always thought about going into the teaching profession.  However, at first I did not take this route.  I pushed these thoughts to the side and worked my way up at Lowe’s to the position of a Human Resources Manager.  I thought that I would work in this position until it was time for me to retire from the workforce.  However, my wife became a teacher and she kept coming home talking about her day in the classroom.  As a result I started thinking about going into the education field again.  My wife finally told me to shut up and go for it.  I finally did at the beginning of 2015.

With that said when I was a young child in the fifth grade in Mr. Fleming’s classroom we were asked to write a letter of what we wanted to do when we got older.  I wrote a letter stating that I wanted to become a teacher.  Then when I had a teacher named Mr. Sims I realized that I loved the field of history and social sciences.  As a result I have spent a lot of my time researching anything that I possibly can on social sciences.  

My professional experience: